Learning Diary - Robert Conings
M3 Q1 How do you form groups of students for group work and why do you take this approach? Based on your experience what strategies of forming groups work and which do not work? Why?

To ensure the strenght of the groups, we mostly mix better and weaker students. The better students will be 'coaching' and must pay attention on the fact that every student should contribute to the groupwork. The older students will be divided by using the tool TEAMUP because the frenquency of groupwork is much higher here.

M3 Q2 How do you keep your students focused and on track during collaborative projects? How do you ensure all students contribute to the task?

We provide an online portfolio on which we can follow the individual contributions of the students. This portfolio will be checked by the teacher and he will anticipate on possible slow students.

M3 Q3 What strategies have you used to assess group work? What are the main challenges for you when it comes to assessing group work?

We have a Learning Content Management System that allows teachers to assess group work, including the use of wiki's in group. The main challenge is to provide appropriate groupwork so every student will be motivated and stimulated and can have succes while doing the groupwork.

Tablets Course | Module 3 Introduction
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