Learning Diary - Robert Conings
M2 Q1 Our idea about creating content

Some months ago, we have bought a 3D-printer (construction-kit). One of our goals was to connect our tablets with this 3D-printer. Furthermore we were asked by the CCL-project to start a SCHOOL-to-SCHOOL collaboration project. So we decided to exchange 3D-drawings, so the Czech students from Prague could print out on their 3D-printer our objects. After classroom-discussions with technology-teachers and students from 12yrs-13yrs we decided to design name-tags for them.
First students had to learn how to work with DOODLE3D, a simple device that can connect tablets with the 3D-printer as this device creates a network on his own. After getting familiar with the software they could create the name-tags and send the files to the Czech students.

M2 Q2 Create some content: the 3D-drawing file for a name-tag
The final product: a name-tag printed by our 3D-printer
Tablets Course | M2 Example of Student Created Content
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