Learning Diary - Robert Conings

Living in Maasmechelen, the north-east part of Belgium,
Married and father of 2 sons

Used to do showjumping but now enjoy the nature, gardening and travelling.

My challenge these days: tablets & 3D-printers

IT-coördinator, European projects and computerscience-teacher

31 yrs teaching-experience, 10 yrs eTwinning ambassador and 15 yrs Comenius-coördinator

Participated in ENIS, MELT, CALIBRATE, CCL - projects from European Schoolnet

Freelance trainer for tablet-courses (Erasmus+ - Euneos)



My school (technical secondary school)
PTS Maasmechelen

M1 Q1 Why do you use or want to use tablets in your teaching?

In our school, we want to prepare the students to work with new technologies. As many companies and firms are already using tablets and laptops, we need to learn them how to deal with mobile learning and mobile working. To be able to move around with your data and get information anytime, anywhere will change the learning experience.

As a partnerschool from the CCL-project we had a very good input from colleagues how to start with tablets.

M1 Q2 What whole-school challenges do I already face or do I anticipate facing when using tablets?

In our city, we have a lot of unemployment because of the closure of the coalmines and recently a huge Ford-company in our neighbourhood.

This is the reason I will not go for the BYOD-method.

Another obstacle is the lack of funding from the regional and national government. By participating the CCL-project, Microsoft-Dell-Intel donated our school 30 tablets.

M1 Q3 What classroom challenges do I already face or do I anticipate facing when using tablets?

According to me, a good use-of-tablets starts with a good and steady internet-connection. So we first invested in accesspoints that can easily connect a lot of mobile devices without having a slow connection.

We have one technology-room with 20 tablets, to be used in the room whenever needed.

10 tablets are for some students, to be used in the classroom and at home.

We are using Windows8-tablets and teachers must look for apps themselves and discuss with the IT-coördinator. Having a tablet-team (teachers that are using and promoting tablets) in the school works quite positive towards the colleagues.

Last but not least is to make sure the screen of the teacher's tablet is projected (wireless if possible) to a IWB or big screen.

Tablets Course | M1 Introduction
This video is part of the Creative use of Tablets in Schools course on the European Schoolnet Academy. For more information visit www.eunacademy.eu
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